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It all started with...

A little crush.

I’ve always been fond of a clean aesthetic, where intricacy and fine detailing seamlessly weave together. There’s a timeless quality to immaculate design, one that appears almost effortless but is in fact, quite the opposite.

Design has been a big part of my life for the past decade and I see it as a form of personal expression – an avenue to create, inspire and influence.

All this inspired me to combine my love of fashion and design together. I wanted to create a line of effortless luxury that you can bring to your wardrobe, home and personal style – intricate pieces that can perk up your everyday staples.

Alongside print designs, silk will be a co-star in my creative venture. I adore the way this fabric looks, feels and displays, and I know it will do my concepts justice with its enduring status in the fabric world.

See you on the silk road.